Jinder Mahal gained a lot of attention from the media and fans following his social media war with the AEW President and CEO Tony Khan regarding some remarks that he made in regard to the Modern-Day Maharaja.

It all began with Khan dissing Mahal receiving a World Heavyweight Title match against Seth Rollins, who in turn blamed him for his double standards for inserting HOOK into an AEW World title match against Samoa Joe.

The entire charade gained responses from peers and fans. Moreover, the former WWE champion was recently asked about the situation during his recent conversation with The Gorilla Position.

Mahal stated that his stature and star power could get him a title shot anytime he desired and appreciated the fact that it generated a lot of buzz which in turn, proved to be beneficial for him.


“I think Tony Khan is forgetting I’m the Modern Day Maharaja, former WWE Champion, and being a former WWE Champion, I should be number one contender anytime I want. The Royal Rumble happened a week after that. If you notice, I wasn’t in it because I didn’t feel there was a need. The Modern Day Maharaja wants a title match, he can just get one. It’s okay. Overall, it’s great. It caused a lot of buzz, and I appreciate the competition because it makes everybody better.”

While the feud between Jinder Mahal and Tony Khan has seemingly dried down, it will be interesting to see if this rivalry could take another turn and lead to something else that creates a similar buzz as it did earlier.

Do you think Jinder Mahal is right when he said that he could receive a title match at the time of his choosing? Sound off in the comments!

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