The Undertaker mused over the evolution of WWE culture and how it has impacted the longevity of wrestling careers, including his own iconic three-decade stint in the ring.

Reflecting on the changes since his rise to prominence in the early to mid-90s during the latest installment of his Six Feet Under podcast, Undertaker highlighted the significant transformations both within the wrestling industry and the world at large over the past thirty years. “There’s a lot of talent buses, you got crew buses. Hell, there’s 30 semis full of their sets,” Undertaker remarked, emphasizing the modern infrastructure that now supports WWE Superstars on the road.

When asked about the trust among wrestlers, a hallmark of locker room culture in his heyday, Undertaker expressed uncertainty, acknowledging the shift but refraining from laying blame on the current talent. “I don’t think so. I mean, why would you, really? Yeah, I mean, there is something to camaraderie and all of that, but —” he trailed off, hinting at the nuanced changes in the dynamics of today’s wrestling scene.

Recalling his own experiences traveling on tour buses, Undertaker confessed that he primarily utilized them post-match to prioritize self-care. He speculated that had he adopted such precautionary measures earlier in his career, his longevity and match quality might have been even greater. “I would have had higher quality matches, I would have I think I mean, even I lasted for as long as I did. I think I might have even lasted longer if I had been able to take that kind of care of myself,” he reflected, acknowledging the physical toll of his final years in the ring.


Injecting humor into the discussion, Undertaker playfully imagined an alternate timeline where he boarded a tour bus sooner, quipping, “If I got on the bus sooner, and maybe slept a few more nights in the 90s? Hell, I might be still wrestling right now. Yeah, at a high level.” Despite the jest, he recognized the challenges he faced in his later years, marked by a constant struggle with health concerns.

Undertaker’s last match, the acclaimed Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, stands as a testament to his enduring legacy, marking the end of an era for one of WWE’s most iconic figures.

Steve Carrier

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