Matt Riddle was regarded as one of the most exciting, yet a hard-hitting individual during his time in WWE. While his time with the global juggernaut may have come to an end, he might have not left it completely in his rearview.

The King of Bros had become a huge fixture on WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW, especially after he began teaming up with The Viper, Randy Orton, and popularly came to be known as RK-Bro.

Riddle continued to build momentum even after Orton went down with an injury, disbanding their alliance. However, Riddle announced his departure from the company in September 2023.

He has since, begun a resurgence in the world of professional wrestling on the independent circuit that recently led him to a huge title win recently. Riddle defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi for the NJPW World TV Title at the New Beginning event in Sapporo.


He took to his X to post a picture with his newly won gold and took a subtle shot at his former company claiming that the grass was greener on the other side.

“Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side 時々向こうの芝生は青く見えることがある #njpw #sapporo #njpwworld #njpwstrong #bro #rudedude.”

With Matt Riddle beginning a new chapter in his wrestling career as a major champion, it would be interesting to see if he would be able to transcend to the heights of success he failed to achieve in WWE.

Do you think Matt Riddle was a top prospect that WWE let go? Will he be able to conquer the mountain of success in his new endeavor? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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