Mandy Rose can be considered the prime fixture from the wrestling world to bring the OnlyFans platform to the forefront. However, it seems like her hard work would be overtaken by one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, John Cena.

As it is known, John Cena recently joined OnlyFans under the alias Ricky Stanicky to promote his film under the same name. Moreover, he even accepted a proposal from his long-time rival, Randy Orton for a collaboration on the platform.

With the Cenation Leader now an official part of OnlyFans, a fan who claimed to be the same person who spent $55,000 on Mandy Rose’s OnlyFans account asked her for refunds in favor of spending it on Cena’s page.

“Hey @mandysacs I need my $55,000 back. John Cena just joined only fans 💙.”


The former WWE NXT Women’s Champion quickly noticed it and took to her X to laugh it off, potentially dismissing the request.


Mandy Rose is currently thriving in her ventures outside WWE, while John Cena has returned to Hollywood following an extended run with the company last summer. We will have to wait and see if The Champ chooses to respond on this matter.

Do you think Mandy Rose would grant the refunds to the fan who wishes to spend his money on John Cena’s OnlyFans account? Sound off in the comments!

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