TNA is scheduled to hold a meeting with its talent this Saturday, February 24th.

This development comes in the wake of members of the TNA roster signing an open letter addressed to Anthem concerning the termination of Scott D’Amore, a portion of which was leaked online.

PWInsider has indicated that a talent meeting will take place before Saturday’s TV taping in New Orleans, with speculation that Len Asper, the head of Anthem, may be in attendance.

The open letter included request for Anthem to engage in discussions with D’Amore in an attempt to resolve the issues at hand. However, it appears that Anthem will instead meet directly with the talent. Notably, TNA has a live PPV event titled “No Surrender” scheduled to air tomorrow night on TNA+.


The meeting with talent signals an attempt to address concerns and provide clarity amidst the recent upheaval within the organization. As the situation continues to unfold, Ringside News will be watching closely for further developments within TNA.

How do you think the upcoming talent meeting with TNA, particularly with the potential presence of Len Asper from Anthem, will impact the ongoing situation surrounding the termination of Scott D’Amore and the concerns raised by members of the roster in their open letter? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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