Seth Rollins arrived in Perth, Australia for the festivities of WWE’s upcoming PLE, Elimination Chamber. However, he used a public forum opportunity to fire shots at his arch-rival, Roman Reigns.

The Visionary came out to the stage at the WWE Elimination Chamber press event to greet the audience in Perth, Australia who showed up at the Optus Stadium for the media show ahead of the main stadium event.

Amidst his address to the audience and talking about being a fighting champion, the crowd started to chant the other champion’s name, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, who currently has held the Undisputed WWE Universal Title for nearly 1300 days.

Rollins acknowledged the chants and made it clear Roman Reigns was not in Perth, as it is not his thing to appear for the fans and choosing to do so only at his convenience, taking a direct shot at his renowned part-time status.


“”He’s not showing up. That’s kind of his MO” … but I am here.”

Seth Rollins and Roman’s foe at WrestleMania 40, the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes are scheduled to appear on ‘The Grayson Waller Effect’ talk show to address their ongoing war with Roman Reigns, his Bloodline, and their latest and most powerful inductee, The Rock.

Do you agree with Seth Rollins taking a public shot at Roman Reigns’ part-time schedule? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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