The WWE Elimination Chamber event is generating buzz, with notable figures like Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins scheduled to make appearances on the Grayson Waller Effect.

However, amidst the anticipation, fans were left disappointed as The Rock clarified that he won’t be present at the event in Australia, despite numerous requests.

Addressing the situation directly, The Rock affirmed that while he won’t be physically there, if provoked by Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins’ verbal jabs, he wouldn’t hesitate to make an appearance and deliver a resounding slap to both of them. The Rock even went on to suggest that he could pull off such a feat before the interview concludes, leaving fans to speculate on his swift travel plans.

Despite the disappointment of his absence, The Rock made it clear that he’s keeping an eye on any trash-talking antics at WWE Elimination Chamber, urging fans to notify him via social media if anyone dares to stir up trouble. The anticipation for the event continues to build, with The Rock’s potential involvement adding an extra layer of excitement for fans worldwide.


What are your thoughts on The Rock’s approach to addressing his absence from WWE Elimination Chamber while still leaving the door open for a surprise appearance if provoked by Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins’ verbal jabs? How might his potential involvement impact the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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