Game Changer Wrestling has set the stage for a groundbreaking event titled Breaking GCW, slated for April 21 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The venue chosen for this spectacle is none other than The Dirty Bourbon, situated in the heart of New Mexico.

Interestingly, the location holds significance beyond wrestling, as it served as a backdrop for the filming of the renowned television series “Better Call Saul.” Fans were quick to draw connections, with one individual noting the familiarity of the venue through Google satellite and street view.

In the realm of “Better Call Saul,” the character Saul Goodman, also known as Jimmy McGill, portrayed a cunning criminal defense lawyer in New Mexico. His clientele included notable figures like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad” fame.

However, the irony lies in the fact that those in need of legal representation can no longer rely on Saul’s services, as he is depicted as serving a life sentence in prison within the narrative of the show. Despite his absence from the legal scene, the legacy of Saul Goodman continues to resonate, especially in venues like The Dirty Bourbon, where his fictional world intersects with reality in unexpected ways.


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