Rob Van Dam is a wrestling legend with years of experience under his belt. Throughout his years in pro-wrestling, RVD has worked with many up and coming stars but he has found a particularly successful partnership with HOOK. Recently, RVD revealed what’s it like teaming up with HOOK.

WWE Hall of Famer RVD has teamed up with HOOK many times in AEW. Their partnership first began on the September 23, 2023, episode of AEW Collision. The duo then went onto to defeat Alex Reynolds and John Silver on the October 25 episode of AEW Dynamite.

While speaking with John Poz on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, RVD shared his thoughts about working with HOOK and his potential in pro-wrestling. He highlighted HOOK’s likability and the unique dynamic brought by being Taz’s son, which makes him “stand out” and adds an interesting angle to his character.

“He’s a very likable guy and, [that’s] not just first-hand from me thinking he’s got a good vibe [and] I like him, but I even noticed first that the crowd took to him so much, and so I was trying to figure that out. What is that about him? I think it’s cool that he’s Taz’s son. To use a pun – that’s a little hook on his character, and makes him stand out a little bit. Honestly, when I saw him and Samoa Joe do their little promo face-off, I thought it was funny how he held the microphone up, and it made me laugh. I thought it made him look like an unruly punk that just had some things he wanted to say but wasn’t necessarily taught how, because that’s the way it came across, which should be good for, I think, the message they were doing. I like him,” 


Moving on in the discussion, RVD was asked about future collaborations with HOOK in AEW. He said that that they could potentially join forces again in the future if people wanted them to.

“I don’t know, I’m not even exactly sure what you’re asking, but I mean as far as, was there supposed to be anything more…I’m not one to open up a plan-book… I’m more of a live-by-the-moment kind of a person. So, in that regard, I usually don’t know until it happens. It’s just talk anyway, so I don’t put that much into, ‘We’re going to do this and that, and that, and then maybe you are, maybe you’re not.’ You know, that’s just life in general. Hook came down and made the save when Brian Cage came in… I think that certainly leaves room for another match down the road. Tag match? Or I guess there’s three or four of them… so maybe build it for them if that’s something people would care about,” 

Rob Van Dam and HOOK will team up on the February 21 episode of AEW Dynamite. The duo potentially teaming up for more matches in the future has fans buzzing with excitement. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

Do you want RVD and HOOK to team up again in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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