Eddie Guerrero is one of the most remembered and respected WWE legends of all time. Even after 20 years since he left the world, his legacy continues to live in the wrestling business and around the world.

Recently, popular celebrity Vanilla Ice stated that he acquired Eddie’s iconic Lowrider for price of $15,000. This came at a surprisingly low price considering the history and value attached to the popular vehicle.

Vanilla Ice also mentioned that its owner after Eddie Guerrero might not have known its real value, selling it to him for a fraction of its actual worth. Furthermore, he revealed that the seller himself invested an additional $30,000 in upgrading the iconic vehicle.

The entire fiasco caught the attention of another Guerrero, Eddie’s nephew and long-time partner, Chavo Guerrero. The former WWE tag team champion took to his X to take a dig at Vanilla Ice’s claim about acquiring his uncle’s car. Chavo stated that he was in possession of the original Lowrider that was purchased by John Cena back in the day who gave it to Chavo following Eddie Guerrero’s passing.


@vanillaice sorry Ice, I have the original Lowrider that Eddie and I went out in. Worcester, at a PPV then purchased by John Cena. After Eddie‘s death, Cena gave it to me, and I had a complete frame off restoration.”

With Chavo Guerrero’s statement, it would come as a relive for the hardcore fan base to know that the iconic Lowrider is in possession of a Guerrero and not Vanilla Ice.

Do you think Chavo Guerrero’s claim is right about Eddie Guerrero’s Lowrider? Moreover, do you think Vanilla Ice was trying to be relevant at the expense of the WWE Hall of Famer? Sound off in the comments!

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