Vanilla Ice recently shared an exciting revelation on his YouTube channel, disclosing that he had acquired one of Eddie Guerrero’s iconic low riders from WWE TV.

In video, Vanilla Ice mentioned that he purchased the vehicle for a surprisingly low price of $15,000, speculating that the previous owner might not have realized its true value. He speculated that the car, which likely could have fetched six figures due to its connection with Eddie Guerrero, was sold for a fraction of its worth. Moreover, the seller mentioned having invested an additional $30,000 in upgrades.

The distinctive low rider also boasts a custom WWE Championship belt, adding to its allure for wrestling fans. While it’s uncertain whether Eddie Guerrero personally owned the car, it was prominently featured in WWE programming during his entrances. Typically, WWE would rent low riders from local car dealers for each city’s event, suggesting that the vehicle in question may have been utilized in this capacity.

Furthermore, the car had the honor of being featured in a photoshoot for Low Rider Magazine, with Eddie Guerrero posing alongside it, further solidifying its connection to the legendary wrestler.


How do you think Vanilla Ice’s acquisition of Eddie Guerrero’s iconic low rider, complete with a custom WWE Championship belt, adds to the legacy and mystique of the late wrestling legend, and what significance do you believe it holds for wrestling fans and collectors alike? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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