After departing from WWE, James Drake and Zack Gibson, known collectively as the Grizzled Young Vets, have spent the past several months honing their craft on the independent wrestling scene and making appearances in TNA Wrestling.

Rebranded as the Dyad in Schism, Drake and Gibson have found themselves embroiled in a heated rivalry with Ace Austin and Chris Bey, members of the Bullet Club’s ABC faction. This feud is set to reach its climax at the upcoming TNA No Surrender PPV.

The uncertainty surrounding their contract status has sparked curiosity among fans. In their first post-WWE interview with Fightful, Drake and Gibson revealed that they are currently operating as independent wrestlers. This independence was a choice for them in the immediate aftermath of leaving WWE. However, According to Fightful Select, they kept the door open to signing with any promotion, whether it be TNA, AEW, or even WWE again, provided the circumstances were right.

As the showdown at TNA No Surrender approaches, the journey of James Drake and Zack Gibso has gripped wrestling fans. From leaving WWE to their independent resurgence and intense rivalry with Ace Austin and Chris Bey, their path has been full of twists.


Stay tuned to Ringside News, as the saga of the Dyad in Schism continues to unfold.

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