Dominik Mysterio faces a daunting challenge whenever he steps into the WWE arena: the overwhelming chorus of boos from the crowd. Despite this obstacle, Dominik perseveres, waiting patiently for his chance to address the audience amidst the cacophony.

Reflecting on this phenomenon during an interview on K100 with Konnan, Dominik shed light on the situation. “They like it when I do that, when I go out and try to cut a promo,” he remarked.

Dom continued, “Especially if they need to cut time out of something or they need to save time, I can go out there with a mic for two to three minutes, pretend to cut a promo. I’m still blessed to get booed. I can’t tell you, every city I go out to, it gets louder and louder.”

In response to inquiries about whether the boos are artificially amplified, Dominik denied any such manipulation, stating firmly, “No, it’s not piped.”


Despite the vocal disapproval, Dominik remains undeterred. He is poised to join forces with the rest of The Judgment Day – including Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and JD McDonagh – in a showdown against DIY, The Miz, and R-Truth on Monday’s WWE Raw. With resilience and determination, Dominik presses on, ready to prove his mettle in the face of adversity.

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Steve Carrier

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