There are a number of factors in professional wrestling/sports entertainment that make a character a success and one of those factors is comedy. Former WWE Superstar Aron Stevens (Damien Sandow) started out his career in the company with a ton of failure, but things began to turn around for Stevens when he was paired with Grand Slam Champion The Miz and would play the role of The A-Lister’s stunt double “Damien Mizdow.”

Stevens was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, where the former WWE star opened up about the reason his “Damien Mizdow” character was a success. According to Stevens, the only reason his character got over was because of the timing and chemistry he had with the A-Lister.

“I think there was no Mizdow without Miz. If I didn’t have a subject to base my satire on, I wouldn’t have had that. So that’s a testament to the timing Miz and I had. Miz and I are, you know, I say we’re friends. Like, we haven’t really talked or anything. But if we saw each other, it’d be cool. Like, there’d be what’s up, man. We came up in OVW and stuff, and out there though, we had timing about it because that’s all that was. It was Miz doing his thing and then allowing me to do my thing. Then going into it, he was very, very cool about it. Our best moments were not discussed. Truly, they weren’t, we didn’t talk about them. They happened organically.”

Stevens would eventually become a WWE Tag Team Champion during his run in the company as Mizdow, while The Miz has had a legendary Hall of Fame career. Stevens is currently the manager of the NWA World Tag Team Champions Blunt Force Trauma (Damage and Carnage) and he appears every Tuesday on NWA Powerrr.


How do you feel about Aron Stevens’ career in the WWE, and does his previous success in the company give him an opportunity to return? Let us know in the comments.

Sanjay Thakur

Sanjay Thakur has been a dedicated fan of professional wrestling since a very young age, and wrestling has played a significant role in his life since his childhood. His passions revolve around music and professional wrestling, and that is the life he leads.

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