AEW announced their partnership with CMLL last year, aiming to reclaim their lost momentum on their journey to the top. Now, an update has surfaced regarding AEW’s collaboration with Mexican wrestling promotions AAA and CMLL.

While AEW has maintained a working relationship with AAA since its inception in 2019, the announcement of partnership with CMLL came in October 2023. Following the announcement, Mistico made his debut on AEW television in a match against Rocky Romero on Rampage.

Given the historical rivalry between CMLL and AAA, new details have surfaced regarding CMLL’s agreement with AEW. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, no other Mexican wrestlers can appear on AEW shows featuring CMLL talent. This clause on their contract gave rise to controversy inside the industry as it restricts the opportunities for Mexican talent outside of CMLL’s roster.

As noted before, the deal with CMLL is that on any television show that their talent appears on, no other Mexican wrestlers can appear. It doesn’t matter if they work for AAA or not, or did in the past, it’s no other Mexican wrestlers can appear.


Some of the prior Mexican talent is mad that Tony Khan agreed to those terms, noting that AAA never made a demand like that for AEW to not feature CMLL talent even though they were warring in Mexico.

We do know at the start that Tony Khan’s vision was to work with everyone and in the early days CMLL didn’t allow its talent to go there because they were working with AAA and New Japan didn’t work with them under Harold Meij.

It was noted that Penta and Fenix were in AEW from day one in particular and the feeling it’s disrespectful to them that there would be shows including perhaps multiple PPVs this year, including any PPV anyone from CMLL is booked on, that they couldn’t even be allowed on the show. Previously it was just Forbidden Door.

There was an incident with Penta coming off the Jericho Cruise where he stayed for Dynamite as he was under the belief he was booked on, and was there, only to find out that he couldn’t appear on the show because they had booked CMLL guys for both Dynamite and Rampage.

Meltzer said that some wrestlers have issues with Tony Khan honoring this agreement as AAA never imposed similar restrictions on AEW regarding CMLL talent. This limitation has created frustration among wrestlers, especially those who have been with AEW since its early days, such as Penta and Fenix, who feel it is disrespectful to be excluded from shows featuring CMLL talent.

It remains to be seen what the AEW boss does to ease the tensions among the wrestlers and resolve the issues. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more!

What’s your take on CMLL restriction? Do you think it’s fair? Let us know in the comments!

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