The current women’s division in WWE NXT is one of the hottest divisions the company has had in years and it is certainly one of the most athletic and star-studded divisions in company history.

This past Tuesday night’s episode of NXT TV on the USA Network saw a first-time ever one-on-one matchup on television between O.T.M.’s Jaida Parker and The Family’s Adrianna Rizzo, with both women making their in-ring singles debut.

Not only did Parker walk out of the match with a huge victory, but she also caught the attention of the entire pro wrestling world when she went viral. Parker’s victory and in-ring singles debut was even picked up by Worldstar Hip Hop due to her amazing in-ring talent and athletic prowess as well as her commanding performance.

After Parker’s clip reached over 2.5 million views on social media, she took to X/Twitter and wrote the caption, “Uh oh 😈” A fan took to Twitter (X) as well and wrote, “I might need to start watching wrestling again”


With WrestleMania 40 less than two months away and the road to The Show of Shows in full swing, the buzz Parker has created over the past few hours on social media can certainly help her land a spot on the Stand & Deliver card during pro wrestling/sport entertainment’s biggest weekend.

How do you feel about Parker landing a prominent spot in the NXT Stand & Deliver card, and do you think the buzz she has created is big enough for her to have a match on the brand’s biggest show of the year? Let us know in the comments.

Sanjay Thakur

Sanjay Thakur has been a dedicated fan of professional wrestling since a very young age, and wrestling has played a significant role in his life since his childhood. His passions revolve around music and professional wrestling, and that is the life he leads.

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