Roderick Strong is one of the most enthralling and high-caliber superstars in the wrestling business. He came to prominence with his stint in WWE & AEW and recently revealed an interesting fact about one of his popular storylines.

The stint mentioned is the ‘Neck Strong’ era. It came to be known as one of the most talked about and controversial storylines in the Undisputed Kingdom member, which was loved by many fans of the wrestling community.

Roderick Strong was sported wearing a neck brace throughout the entire run of the Neck Strong run but abandoned the gimmick at the start of 2024 when he became a member of Adam Cole’s new faction.

During new interview with Alicia Atout, the former WWE NXT North American champion made a revelation that he wore the same neck brace each time during that time.


“The funny thing, too, as much as I wore it, it still doesn’t stink. That’s what I find funny every single time. It smells like roses. [Atout says you’d think it would smell horrible] Yeah, and especially because I wore it after I wrestled, just sweaty neck juice in there, but no, I guess I got lucky. It’s disgusting also.”

Roderick Strong aligned with Adam Cole’s Undisputed Kingdom alongside Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. So it would be interesting to see what is next for him as his AEW run continues to move forward.

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