It was recently announced that WWE had signed deal with Netflix, allowing the streaming giant to platform WWE Raw. Fans were quite happy to hear about this new partnership. Now it seems that someone else is pleased with the deal as well.

Chad Gable recently made an appearance on the Battleground podcast, where he proceeded to share his thoughts on the WWE Netflix deal. It seems that Gable is really excited about the possibilities and believes it will bring more content possibilities to WWE.

“Man, just think of the distribution and the wider audiences and the content possibilities that it’s going to add to us. I mean, you see with Netflix, there’s just something new, content-wise, on there every day, and that’s what WWE is great at is producing content at a rate that I don’t feel anybody else can do.”

“Our content production — when you consider the amount of shows we have, the amount of social media stuff we do, everything is unmatched and I think our company and what we do just lends itself to that. So it’s just gonna allow us to do so much more and bring so much more content to people.”


It is certainly true that a platform like Netflix holds tremendous potential to bring the world to a wider and more mainstream audience. It is not surprising then, that Gable seems to be looking forward to gaining greater recognition.

It definitely seems like an exciting time to be involved with WWE in any capacity. The deal with Netflix could be an absolute game changer for pro wrestling. Check out Gable’s full interview below.

Do you think WWE will reach new people with the new Netflix deal in 2025? Let us know in the comments.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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