Tiffany Stratton’s remarkable journey from NXT to SmackDown has captivated fans. She is on the main roster now and has shared the challenges of navigating the WWE Main Roster without Ludwig Kaiser.

Tiffany Stratton and Ludwig Kaiser, who publicly acknowledged their relationship in 2022, faced a twist when Tiffany joined SmackDown after her call-up from NXT. On the other hand, Kaiser remains a mainstay of Monday Night RAW.

While speaking on TikTok, Tiffany Stratton talked about the struggles she faces being on separate brands to Ludwig Kaiser. Stratton revealed that they had very little time, only two days together.

“As some of you may know, my boyfriend is on Monday Night RAW and I’m on SmackDown, which means we have opposite schedules, which freakin’ sucks. We have the complete opposite of schedules. Like, he comes in Tuesday morning, I leave Thursday afternoon. We only have like two days together really because he’s on the live shows every single weekend. But, it’s okay.” 


Tiffany Stratton and Ludwig Kaiser also shared a significant milestone in their relationship, upgrading from a cramped one-bedroom apartment to their dream home.

“Actually, me and my boyfriend are going to be moving apartments soon and we’re gonna be buying, like, our dream apartment. Not buying, just renting, but you get it. But I’m so excited because we live in a freakin’ one-bedroom apartment and we just have so much stuff.”

All these suitcases – we practically live out of suitcases, so we just need more room to store everything. I have so much freakin’ clothes, and, so does he, so we need a bigger closet, we need an extra room, we need it all, so I’m so excited.”

Tiffany Stratton also affirmed her place on Friday Night SmackDown after signing her contract. There is certainly a ton of excitement for what the young WWE Superstar can accomplish on the blue brand now.

What do you think of what Tiffany Stratton had to say? Are you happy for their success?

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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