Seth Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and is truly a workhorse champion, having defended the title several times since winning it last year. With WWE and UFC under the TKO Holdings Group umbrella, fans wonder if any UFC star can transition to WWE. In this regard, Seth Rollins really doubts any UFC fighter can transition to WWE.

The likes of Ronda Rousey made their way to WWE from the world of UFC and found sea noble success. However, she was never seen as an incredibly talented professional wrestler.

While speaking to Merc Raimondi of ESPN, Seth Rollins was asked if there are any UFC fighters whom he thinks can transition to WWE. Rollins made it clear he doubts any UFC star can due to the hectic schedule that entails a WWE career.

”No, cause they don’t have the stamina for it. They don’t fight every single weekend. This championship goes everywhere. Especially the top stars over there, they are catered to a certain way. That’s great, that’s their style, that’s what works for them, I understand that. You fight maybe once twice a year, you’re crazy if you fight three times a year.”


”However, to fight over 100 times a year, make all those towns, still be able to train, still be able to do all the media, it’s exhausting. I don’t want to knock Ronda Rousey and I love Ronda, she did a lot for our industry and fight industry in general, but it was tough for Ronda. She tried her damndest and it was hard for her. I’d love for someone to come over and take a crack if you think you can hang, it’s hard.”

WWE is also taking inspiration from the UFC for sports-centric segments. We will have to wait and see if any UFC star will make their way to WWE and end up becoming a major star there.

What do you think of what Seth Rollins had to say? Do you feel any UFC star can succeed in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below!

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