Cody Rhodes mentioned to his good friend Sami Zayn that he had his back on RAW. As the show closed this week, The American Nightmare indeed proved that helping Zayn fend off an attack from familiar foes.

The Underdog from the Underground came to RAW this week with a lot of self-doubt as he opened up during an interview before the show with WWE Interviewer Jackie Redmond. He acknowledged that the window for his WrestleMania dreams this year was closing soon and he was ready to make his place.

Sami Zayn competed in the main event of Monday Night RAW against The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura. There was a lot of history between the two men right from the indie circuit to their days in NXT.

A jam-packed and enthralling match unfolded between two former NXT champions that got the fans on their feet for the final match on RAW this week. Both superstars came and left everything inside the ring delivering an exceptional in-ring bout.


However, a timely distraction from Drew McIntyre, who had a run-in with Zayn right before his match backstage gave Shinshuke the opening to hit the Kinshasa and score the win.

Mcintyre and Nakamura would then proceed to attack Sami Zayn, only for The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes to come out and make the save. He took out both Shinsuke and Drew McIntyre, staring down the Scottish Warrior to close the show as they are set to battle each other on next week’s Monday Night RAW.

Are you excited for Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre next week? Sound off in the comments!

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