The Rock came back to WWE with the intention to headline WrestleMania 40 with his iconic cousin, Roman Reigns. However, he found himself surrounded by fans who bluntly rejected him in favor of the man they believe deserves that spot, Cody Rhodes.

The Great One met The American Nightmare face-to-face last week at the WrestleMania kick-off press event. After Rhodes seemingly disrespected The Rock’s family, he responded back by slapping Cody right across the face.

Reminscenting on the events that happened, The People’s Champion took to his Instagram to upload that clip and send a scratching response to the people’s hero, Cody Rhodes indicating that there will be repercussions for him.

“I was born into this crazy world and I love every second of it. It’s been decades since pro wrestling has been buzzing like this for WRESTLEMANIA and this has become rare air that we’re all breathing, and it’s very fucking cool & exciting for us, as wrestlers, our company and most importantly – all our fans.


Your hero fucked around and he found out quick what happens when you talk about our family with disrespect.

Lines crossed and blurred – bring it.

We don’t toe the mark for no one.

Road to Wrestlemania begins…

~ people’s champ ♟️🎤🥃

Following the press event, WWE CCO Triple H came to SmackDown and made Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship at WrestleMania 40.

Moreover, it was later announced that The Rock and Roman Reigns will be in attendance for next week’s edition of SmackDown to address The Game’s decision.

What do you think The Rock and Roman Reigns have in store for fans? Sound off in the comments!

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