The Super Bowl season is the most talked about extravaganza happening in the sporting world today. Many sporting fans including a lot of WWE superstars are excited about the historic event.

However, WWE’s resident Wise Man Paul Heyman is seemingly not a part of that class of fans. In clip released by WWE on Instagram, an NFL ball was tossed in Heyman’s hand and he was asked to show his NFL touchdown celebration dance.

Paul Heyman seemed agitated at the cameraman and much like his Tribal Chief Roman Reigns does to his opponents, smashed the ball right in his face.

“Not a football guy, @paulheyman? 😬🏈.”


The cameraman might have caught up with Paulie at the wrong time or maybe he is just not in the sport like he is into professional wrestling for that matter.

Of, course Paul Heyman finds himself in things that are much more important to him, such as the ongoing feud pitting Roman Reigns and his cousin, The Rock and The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.

Moreover, Heyman revealed to WWE CCO Triple H that Reigns and Rock will be present on SmackDown next week after The Game announced Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 40.

What will the Samoan duo have to say after Triple H’s announcement? Sound off in the comments!

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