Booker T’s developmental promotion, Reality of Wrestling is one of the most remarkable places for early aspirants to establish a solid foundation in the wrestling business. However, it became the center of controversy following some incidents and allegations.

ROW trainee Shawn Reed had become the main point of problems. His unpleasant behavior and making other people uncomfortable had become an issue, especially for fellow trainee Raychell Rose. Seeing the stalking situation, Reed was restricted from majorly any place that Rose was featured including the training facilities and other wrestling shows. But that did not stop him from reportedly continuing to harass Rose.

He was constantly attempting to message and communicated with Raychell after being warned multiple times, including by the police and even led to his arrest due to an reported bar fight between Shawn Reed and other talents over Rose. Moreover, she was promised an armed security, which she revealed she did not get.

Booker T revealed to Fightful that Raychell Rose had been released from ROW without giving them an explanation. However, Rose claimed that the former WCW champion was angry at her over the entire fiasco that happened surrounding her.


“Booker screamed and cursed at me when he arrived on the scene while I was talking to police at the December incident that this was my fault and I’m the reason people got hurt and arrested.”

Moreover, she went on to give an entire statement regarding the issues that prevailed during her time at Reality of Wrestling.

“My safety has not been secure for years due to Shawn Reed and the lack of support I received from the people in charge at Reality of Wrestling which allowed Shawn’s actions to escalate the way they did unchecked. This issue being allowed to fester for so long has resulted in many hours of speaking in person to and on the phone with police officers, district attorneys, and lawyers because of this situation.

“I’ve spent and continue to spend a great deal of time in therapy sessions to process trauma related to this incident in hopes of one day fully overcoming the effects of it. That itself comes with a stigma, but it’s all a part of the healing process which I am learning to navigate and fully embrace.

“Overall I hope what comes out of this is Booker, along with the people placed in charge at his school, implement procedures and protections to ensure all threats are taken seriously in the future.

“Should they continue to not make students’ safety their priority, I hope that at the very least any women who train there or are looking for a place to train see this and are able to make an educated decision before they to put their safety into the hands of Reality of Wrestling.”

We will have to wait and see what Raychell Rose does next in regards to the situation and her wrestling career moving forward.

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