Bret Hart’s recent comments on the Vince McMahon allegations shed light on the severity of the situation and its impact on the wrestling community.

McMahon’s resignation from all his roles within TKO, including TKO Executive Chairman and on the TKO Board of Directors, comes in the wake of lawsuit alleging his involvement in a sex trafficking and abuse scandal brought forth by former WWE employee Janel Grant, with the company and former exec John Laurinaitis also implicated.

Bret Hart minced no words when addressing the allegations while speaking to Slate, emphasizing his commitment to speaking the truth regardless of McMahon’s feelings, citing McMahon’s own disregard for others’ feelings over the years. He expressed his shock and disgust at the allegations, likening McMahon’s perceived immunity to repercussions to that of notorious figures like Jeffrey Dahmer, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein, asserting that McMahon’s legacy would be forever tarnished by the scandal.

“When you get that vision in your head, you go, ‘That’s messed up,’ It’s too sick and disgusting to really imagine.”


“I don’t think this is the only incident of this kind of predatory behavior. I think you’ll find that it’s everywhere. It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer, Harvey Weinstein, or Jeffrey Epstein: Vince will be a joke. He’ll be used for humor, and you’ll shake your head at the shock value of some joke about, ‘What did Vince McMahon do?’ He’ll always be associated with this story, especially as it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

The wrestler-turned-pundit noted a loss of respect for McMahon, lamenting the tarnishing of what was once a high regard for the wrestling mogul. He recounted a past incident where he apologized to a former WWE referee, Rita Chatterton, who had accused McMahon of rape in 1992, admitting his error in not believing her initially. Hart expressed his deep disappointment and a complete lack of respect for McMahon, revealing that he couldn’t bring himself to shake McMahon’s hand now, given the disturbing nature of the allegations.

“I think, despite all of the issues I ever had with Vince, I know, deep down, I always respected him, but now, knowing what kind of a weirdo he became, I have absolutely zero respect for him.”

Hart’s candid remarks underscore the gravity of the situation and its far-reaching implications within the wrestling industry, signaling a shift in perception and attitudes toward McMahon as more details of the scandal come to light.

What ripple effects do you foresee within the wrestling community regarding Vince McMahon’s resignation? Let us know in the comments.

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