WWE has been known for its continuous innovations and introduction of new ideas that have brought immense success to the company as a global juggernaut. They are looking to go ahead with yet another interesting concept that has already been tested by them.

The Stamford-based promotion recently filed for the trademark “WWE Speed” for seemingly a new show they are looking to launch, keeping the innovation wheel moving around.

It has been noticed that earlier in December 2023, the company did some WWE matches under the “WWE Speed” banner before SmackDown, with superstars from all brands competing in it. One of these bouts saw the Colossal, Big Bad Bronson Reed picking up a victory over Nathan Franzier from their developmental territory, NXT in a time limit of five minutes.

During the match, a highly prevalent “WWE Speed” graphic with a countdown was displayed on LED boards for each of the matches that took place under this concept.


At that moment, WWE submitted a trademark application for the show’s name in the entertainment services category. Reports indicated that the company was exploring potential network partnerships for the show, although there was also consideration for it to be a digital series. So we will have to wait and if what happens when this new and exciting show around.

Do you think this new concept as a full-fledged WWE show could be interesting to see? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

Nikunj Walia is a creative professional with a unique ability to think outside the box. He is able to apply his talents across a variety of niches and is known for his flexibility and innovative approach. Nikunj's goal is to make a name for himself as a content creator, event host, digital expert, and Indian Influencer, while revolutionizing the way fans consume wrestling content.

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