Rhea Ripley has worked very hard to become one of the top female Superstars in WWE. Her dedication to the business helped her become a megastar, especially after she got her ‘Mami’ moniker. Now she has revealed the person who came up with the name in the first place.

Rhea Ripley has adopted the moniker “Mami,” a play on Eddie Guerrero’s use of “Papi,” which gained significance during his feud with Rey Mysterio. In their rivalry, Eddie asserted himself as the “papi” of a young Dominik Mysterio. To provoke Rey Mysterio, Ripley wore an “I’m Your Papi” shirt and later transformed it into “I’m Your Mami.”

While speaking on the NotSamWrestling, Rhea Ripley talked about how the ‘Mami’ moniker came to be. Ripley revealed that it was ultimately Damian Priest’s idea, as she couldn’t call herself ‘Papi.’

“[Mami] was a Priest thing. I went out there, came back after kneeing myself in the face and busting my front two teeth, I had braces for a week, it was great. I came back from that, and we came back on Rey’s anniversary. That’s where I decided to be a little menace, be myself, and I ordered an Eddie Guerrero shirt and I came out with ‘I’m Your Papi’ shirt, just to see what the hell was going to happen from that.”


”That was a me call and just me doing something that I thought was right and I wanted to stir the pot a little bit. I started the whole Papi thing, I got told I couldn’t be Papi, so Priest was like, ‘Well, you’re Mami.’ I was like, ‘Damn straight I’m Mami. We’re going to roll with that.’ The Mami thing makes me feel comfortable. I just got out there and I’m a child version of myself. I go out there, have fun, do little menace things, make fun of people. Just going out there and having fun

Rhea Ripley also admitted that things between herself and Dominik Mysterio were awkward at first. Her match for the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event was more or less confirmed after Nia Jax attacked her on RAW last week as well, so we’ll have to see how their feud will be booked till then.

What’s your opinion on this story? Are you a fan of Rhea Ripley’s ‘Mami’ moniker? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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