Tony Khan has continued to tease for days of having a huge announcement for AEW up his sleeve. However, his major critic Eric Bischoff believes that it would not do any benefit to Khan’s emerging entity.

It is no secret that Eric Bischoff has criticized the AEW product and Tony Khan’s abilities to run wrestling company on numerous occasions. This has made Eric among the top critics who have a dislike for AEW programming, creative direction, and booking of talents.

In regards to the big announcement Khan has teased, many believe that it would be regarding the potential signings of two big free agents, Mercedes Mone and the Japanese sensation Kazuchika Okada.

However, Eric Bischoff has a completely different perspective on that topic. On his 83 Weeks podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer believes that Tony Khan’s antics to try and combat rival competitors, WWE would have no impact, even with his huge announcement.


“And just like everything else that we’ve seen out of AEW, a week later, it won’t matter. Because it’s not going to grow the audience and all of this hype and all the anticipation of the big super surprise or whatever it is. When it’s all said and done. All three of Tony’s shows combined won’t equal one Monday Night Raw writing.”

While it is heavily speculated that Mone would indeed sign with AEW and Okada being WWE-bound, it would be interesting to see what Tony Khan would announce to the world on the upcoming edition of AEW Dynamite.

What do you think Tony Khan’s announcement is all about? Sound off in the comments!

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