Ever since Lyra Valkyria won the NXT Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch, she has proven herself to be a fighting champion.

Lyra hasn’t deterred from any challenger and is always open to defending her title. Hence, when Roxanne Perez won the right to face her for the title, Lyra was more than happy to defend her title.

In recent weeks, Perez has shown a more aggressive side to her which will make this match all the more interesting since Lyra will get a side of Perez that she hasn’t seen before. The match between these two women was set to take place tonight on NXT: Vengeance Day.

Both women were having a pretty decent match in the ring. Roxanne Perez had Lyra Valkyria beat when all of a sudden Lola Vice came out and cashed in her Breakout Contract. Tatum Paxley also came out to stop her and failed.


After Lola cashed in her contract, the match was made into a triple threat match and things started to pick up. Lola being the fresh competitor was able to dominate both her opponents. The match turned when Tatum tried to attack Lola again but was sent crashing into Roxanne Perez. This allowed Lyra Valkyria to hit her signature move for the win.

Lyra Valkyria continued to prove that she could defend her title even when the odds were stacked against her. It remains to be seen if Perez will be given a rematch for the title. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you live coverage of NXT Vengeance Day.

What do you make of this match? Do you think Lola Vice cashed in her contract at the wrong time? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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