Cody Rhodes has established himself as one of the biggest stars in WWE. Following his big win at Royal Rumble last week, Cody has his sights set on becoming the World Champion at WrestleMania 40 and “finish his story.” Recently, Cody revealed the inspiration behind this popular catchphrase.

While on Busted Open Radio, Cody discussed the origins of his catchphrase. He revealed that despite him using the phrase in a promo before Royal Rumble and sporting the phrase on his belt last year, Michael Cole was the first person to say it on broadcast.

“I love that you give me credit for it (‘finish the story’ phrase) because there’s actually a debate.

“So, I said ‘finish the story’ in a promo before the Royal Rumble and it was on my weight belt last year.


“But Michael Cole is the first person I think who said it on broadcast. So I feel like it’s Michael. ‘Finish the story’ might be a Michael Cole (thing) because at some point, we’re gonna start looking for who came up with this.”

Cody further said that his catchphrase gained popularity beyond his story as it even became a theme for the WWE 2K24 video game. Moving on in the discussion, Cody also mentioned that he talked to Triple H about it. He highlighted the impact it has as wrestling legends like Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, and Steve Austin also used the concept of telling their stories.

“I actually talked to Triple H about this a few weeks ago. When I said the game was using ‘finish the story’ as a theme and I see (Hulk) Hogan talking about his story, Undertaker talking about his story, Steve Austin talking about his story.

“I felt like, oh, I’ve done something. I think the last thing that felt like it spread like wildfire a little bit was ‘Bullet Club is fine’, and that was a fun, you know… being able to name FTR and those guys.

“That was a fun deal but this seems to be on a whole other level so…”

The official trailer for the game features various current WWE stars as well as WWE legends using the ‘finish the story’ motif. WWE 2K24 is all set to be released in March 2024 and fans can’t wait to get their hands on it. Cody has even shared his excitement for the upcoming game with several new game elements added to the design. You can check out the “Story” trailer for the game below.

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes has yet to announce his WrestleMania 40 opponent. It’s very likely he’ll face off against Seth Rollins. We will have to wait and who’ll be his opponent in the end. Stay tuned to RingsideNews for more updates.

What do you think of this Cody Rhodes story? Do you think he’ll win at WrestleMania 40? Let us know in the comments below.

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