Cody Rhodes had an amazing weekend as he emerged victorious in 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble Match. The pro-wrestler has touched the highest of highs in his wrestling career. Riding high on the success, Cody recently discussed being on the cover of WWE 2K24.

It seems fans looking to purchase the latest edition of WWE 2K game, would be thrilled with Cody’s photograph used on the cover of 2K24. According to the “American Nightmare,” he’s really picky when it comes to selecting of photos himself for the cover as he’s terrified of bad ones.

While talking to Shak Wrestling, Cody revealed that while working for a Japanese wrestling company, they would often capture “awful” photos of Cody to be used as promotional material. While recalling this incident, Cody highlighted the awesome work the gaming studio had done when he saw the photos chosen for WWE 2K24.

“I worked for a company in Japan, and that would just take these awful photos, and then the next thing you know, you’d be plastered on a 7/11 wall, “That’s always the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘Oh, I wonder what’s going to be used, I wonder how it’s going to be captured.’ When I saw it, I was really blown away. I was really touched by just how they captured the shoot itself and the fun and the grandeur of WWE and 2K, so all positive feelings.”


If fans decide to buy the standard edition of the game they can catch Rhodes on the cover, while the deluxe edition of the game features Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair together on the cover. Additionally, WWE 2K24 will celebrate 40 years of WrestleMania with it’s “2K Showcase… of the Immortals” mode, which will allow fans to play different moments from the show’s history.

Cody also discussed this new addition to the game while talking to the outlet. He shared that it was created for longtime fans and to celebrate iconic moments in sports entertainment, but that isn’t the only aspect of the game he’s excited about. Cody shared his excitement for the pre-order bonus, the Nightmare Family pack. This pack includes various personas of Cody Rhodes, including Undashing Cody Rhodes, Stardust, and Superstar Billy Graham.

“The other thing that I love is you pre-order now you get the Nightmare Family pack where I’ve got myself, Undashing Cody Rhodes, Stardust, Superstar Billy Graham, But my father being playable in his 1976 MSG duds is pretty special because that’s really where the story started, and to be able to bring that into the game was a great call by 2K.”

WWE fans can hardly hold in their excitement for the global release of 2K24, as the added layer of new game elements only makes it harder for them to hold out any longer.

Meanwhile, you can check out Cody’s whole interview right below. Keep checking on RingsideNews for more updates.

Are you excited for WWE 2K24? What are your expectations from the game? Let us know in the comments.

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