Bayley gave an amazing Royal Rumble performance last week, beating 29 contestants to claim her first Royal Rumble title. Her triumphant victory over Liv Morgan earned her a shot at championship opportunity at WrestleMania 40. The WWE star recently took to social media to rally behind fans’ campaign to have popular band, Paramore perform at WWE WrestleMania 40.

A hashtag has been trending over at Twitter/X to have Paramore take on the gig to perform at WrestleMania 40. It soon caught the attention of Bayley, who responded to a tweet referencing her Paramore-themed ring gear from WWE Evolution in 2018. She reposted the tweet using the hashtag #ParamoreforMania showing her support for the campaign.

“It’s not a dream anymore, it’s worth fighting for” – lyrics from ‘Looking Up’ by Paramore, in which Bayley had on her gear at WWE Evolution in 2018. With Bayley winning the Royal Rumble, it’s never been more clearer than ever:” #ParamoreforMania




The hashtag quickly gained traction and became a trending topic with over 3,000 posts. For those unfamiliar with Paramore, they’re a Grammy Award-winning American rock band, and their latest album, “This Is Why,” was released in February 2023. It claimed #2 rank on the US Billboard and #1 on UK charts. Their most popular track on YouTube is Decode with more than 482 million views.

This recent campaign only adds to the excitement to the buildup for WrestleMania 40. Bayley is likely to take on Damage CTRL member IYO SKY for the WWE Women’s Championship instead of Rhea Ripley. While there hasn’t been a official confirmation yet, it aligns with WWE’s storyline portrayed on television as every member of Damage CTRL holds gold except for Bayley, who is a former Grand Slam Champion herself.

Meanwhile, you can check out Bayley’s tweet endorsing the Paramore campaign below. Stay tuned to RingsideNews as we bring you the latest updates.

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