For several weeks, R-Truth has been getting involved in Judgment Day. He broke into their clubhouse several times and has convinced himself that he is part of the group.

Despite Judgment Day repeatedly telling him that he is not part of the group, Truth just didn’t get the message. Finally, Judgment Day had enough of Truth and his shenanigans and they brutally assaulted him on the 1/29 episode of RAW.

The attack was led by JD McDonagh has been the most frustrated with R-Truth’s antics. Following the assault, JD McDonagh opened up about the attack on RAW Talk saying that he brings a necessary evil back to the group.

“R-Truth was never in the Judgment Day. What happened tonight was catharsis for me, it was like therapy. It was something that needed to happen a long time ago.


Finn said earlier on people are getting too comfortable stepping up to the Judgment Day. I had to bring a necessary evil back to the group. I needed to remind everyone who we were. That’s what happened tonight. For the Judgment Day, less funny, more money,”

The Miz came out to help R-Truth but he was also attacked by Judgment. The Miz has been trying to reunite the Awesome Truth with R-Truth in recent weeks and this may help them get back together again.

What do you make of Judgment Day’s attack on R-Truth? Did you see it coming? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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