Malakai Black has been part of the AEW family for well over two years now, but his singles career is genuinely non-existent now. He is still dominant as part of The House of Black but some believe that he might have been responsible for a match getting changed on AEW Collision last week.

Malakai Black previously revealed that he had been dealing with a slight calf tear and knee hyperextension, which put him on the shelf for while. He returned back in October last year and has been competing as a team since then with his House of Black members.

During last week’s episode of AEW Collision, The House of Black squared off against FTR in an ‘Escape The Cage’ match which was originally supposed to be a steel cage elimination match. This is something that fans found odd in a big way.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about AEW changing the steel cage match. Meltzer noted that it was likely due to someone complaining that they didn’t want to do a job, adding that Malakai Black never does a job while FTR and Daniel Garcia are always open to it.


Meltzer questioned the tendency of House of Black members not to take losses. Meltzer wondered about their future, stating that if they win, Black and Buddy Murphy may leave for WWE despite their past treatment, raising the question of why they are consistently pushed if they are on their way out.

When they first announced the match, it was a cage match elimination match. When they first announced it was Escape The Cage, when I heard it was Escape The Cage, I thought it was like ‘Okay we got all these guys here, but somebody complained about doing a job.’ Essentially in this match, five guys have to do a job.”

Of the guys, I know Daniel Garcia will do a job in a match like that. And I know FTR will do a job because you know, Dax Harwood does a million jobs when the circumstances are right, and Cash Wheeler’s not advertised to it. So, you know, and Malakai Black NEVER does jobs, and when this was going on and I’m watching this, one of the things I was thinking watching this is like, these freaking House of Black guys never do jobs, and here’s the other thing: I was thinking like, what if they win this match and they’re just going like, you know like, two of those three guys are going to the WWE.

”I mean, they’re going. As soon as they can go, they’re gone. Even though they were treated like s*** in the WWE, and they never do jobs here, and they’re still going back to the WWE and my thought is kind of like, why do you keep putting them over when you know they’re leaving?”

FTR and Daniel Garcia ultimately triumphed in the match and it is likely their feud with The House of Black is over. Nonetheless, we will have to wait and see whether AEW will eventually have Black put over someone else by doing a job.

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