Ryback has been monitoring developments in his former company since his exit in 2016. This includes the fact Vince McMahon recently faced allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct from a former WWE employee. Following Vince McMahon’s resignation from WWE, Ryback now believes TKO should fire Triple H and many other executives.

Vince McMahon faces serious allegations of sexual trafficking and misconduct from ex-WWE employee Janel Grant. The lawsuit alleges that McMahon shared explicit content of Grant without consent, involving other WWE employees, unnamed executives, and stars, and directed her to engage in sexual activities with them.

Following the sexual trafficking lawsuit, Vince McMahon officially resigned from WWE and TKO Holdings. Ryback took to Twitter and addressed Vince McMahon’s resignation from WWE and TKO Holdings. Ryback expressed the belief that this is just the beginning of significant developments. With sponsors uncertain and big decisions on the horizon for TKO, Ryback predicted that major changes would be necessary.

Ryback went on to claim that WWE, despite being purchased by TKO, reflects Vince McMahon’s mindset and personality. Ryback alleged that McMahon ran the WWE based on the principles from the book “48 Laws of Power.”


Ryback suggested that TKO might have to make the tough decision to remove individuals like Triple H, Bruce Prichard, Paul Heyman, Michael Hayes, and others from WWE. Ryback implied that many were aware of what was happening, and he anticipated more revelations coming to light.

”Vince McMahon is gone. That’s right, Vince McMahon has resigned from his role as TKO Executive Chairman and his position as Board of Directors of TKO. In this situation, the tomb has been opened and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. With sponsors up in the air, TKO is gonna be in quite the position to make big decisions very soon.”

”You see the WWE, even though purchased by TKO, is an extension of Vince McMahon’s mindset and personality. You see many years ago, myself and a few talent were made aware that McMahon ran the WWE off of the book of 48 Laws of Power. Not only did he run WWE that way, he ran his life that way and that is not good.”

”I believe TKO is gonna have to forced to make a big decision to gut Hunter, Prichard, Heyman, Hayes and many many others. Get them the f*** out of WWE once and for all. Many, many there were fully aware of everything going on. And you guys are gonna see as more and more comes out exactly what I’m talking about.”

Even Ronda Rousey recently claimed that Bruce Prichard’s presence keeps Vince McMahon involved in WWE. McMahon was also removed from WWE’s website following his resignation. A new era has dawned in WWE with Vince McMahon no longer associated with the company, so it remains to be seen how the company will develop without McMahon involved in any capacity.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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