WWE has experienced a major resurgence with The Rock’s return, not as an in-ring competitor but as member of the TKO Board of Directors, the parent company of the entity.

The Great One’s new strategic position was unveiled following TKO’s announcement of signing a staggering $5 Billion deal with Netflix to exclusively stream Monday Night RAW starting in 2025.

The Rock may be new to the board room but finds himself among a circle of familiar faces who are his fellow Board members such as WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H. The Game spoke about The Rock joining the board at the post-Royal Rumble media scrum.

“An amazing opportunity for us to have the biggest celebrity, the biggest star in the world, the biggest box office attraction in the world, to be a part of that board, and help us. He’s an expert on branding, on marketing, all those things, so to help with that.”


The 14-time World champion further revealed that he and The Rock have their own unique way of business communication in regards to the WWE product.

“But what I love about it, is he’s also a guy that, while on a board at an extremely high level and communicate with them, I can have shorthand with him about what WWE needs. And for people that sometimes don’t understand what the product is, that is such a blessing to be able to call him and just say, in our language, here’s what I’m feeling, here’s the way I want to go, and can you help me with that, and that’s really what they’re there for, to help us with that and business.”

Of course, both men have wrestling embedded in their veins with their years of experience in the business. So it would be interesting to see the comradery of The Rock and Triple H as they sit at the helm of important business decisions.

Do you think The Rock will prove to be an asset for the TKO Board? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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