Vince McMahon’s tenure with WWE and TKO has abruptly come to an end, marking a significant moment that could signal a series of departures within both organizations.

The announcement of McMahon’s departure from WWE/TKO was made just hours ago. This development follows the recent allegations by Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, who accused McMahon of sexual abuse and trafficking during her time with the company. Despite his resignation, McMahon has continued to vehemently deny the allegations, which he has previously dismissed as “obscene made-up instances.”

Speculation is rife within WWE that Endeavor, the parent company of TKO, may undertake a broader purge of individuals closely associated with Vince McMahon following his resignation, according to reports from PW Insider. The prevailing sentiment is that a complete “fresh start” is necessary for the company’s future, potentially resulting in cuts to McMahon’s remaining team.

Several employees left WWE when McMahon initially stepped down in 2022, only to return when he regained influence on the Board of Directors in January 2023. However, there is now a belief among insiders that anyone connected to McMahon could face a negative perception going forward, which could impact their standing within WWE.


The fallout from Slim Jim suspending their high-value sponsorship with WWE due to the allegations was expected by those within the organization. Sources from within WWE have also indicated that any association with McMahon may be considered a “major negative” moving forward. This could place those who previously departed WWE alongside McMahon in 2022, only to return with his reentry in 2023, in a precarious position.

As for the immediate impact, McMahon’s departure may potentially disrupt plans for the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event scheduled for tonight. While Brock Lesnar is anticipated to appear at the event, Grant’s lawsuit could lead to uncertainties regarding his participation. Although Lesnar is not explicitly named in the lawsuit, it is believed that Grant alleges she was trafficked to a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, widely assumed to be Brock Lesnar. This situation could have ripple effects on the event’s plans and the overall WWE landscape.

Given the recent developments in WWE and TKO, we’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions on the situation. What do you think the future holds for both organizations, and how might Vince McMahon’s departure impact the wrestling world? Please feel free to share your insights and feedback in the comment section below.

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