The biggest event in sports entertainment, WrestleMania is nearly two months away with a lot of speculations and rumors surrounding its major matches. One of them is definitely the dream showdown between The Rock and Roman Reigns in the main event.

However, a new development has given a hint on the timeline of the blockbuster encounter, if WWE has plans to do it.

A recent situation saw wrestling journalist Justin Barrasso posted false information in regard to plans for the Road to WrestleMania. However, it was reported that WWE was befuddled with his story, claiming it to be not true. Justin posted a retracted article, acknowledging his mistake, and claiming that it was passed on to him by very reliable sources.

In his latest update, he is now claiming that Roman Reigns vs The Rock could happen later in the future, potentially when the recently signed deal with Netflix comes into effect in 2025.


“I am not offering a spoiler, but enthused speculation and analysis are that all signs point to Rhodes winning the Rumble. There is, however, some uncertainty with The Rock involved, as a star of his magnitude wields massive leverage and works off his own terms. If he were to tell WWE President Nick Khan he wants to win the Rumble, then that could change plans. But that is not expected, especially with the new possibility that Reigns-Rock could be extended to a time when it airs globally on Netflix.”

The content-streaming giant would be exclusively streaming Monday Night RAW after a whooping $5 Billion deal for a period of ten years was signed earlier this week. Moreover, The Rock was also brought to the TKO Board at the same time.

This probably makes sense for his match with The Tribal Chief happening in the aforementioned timeline, as The Rock sits at the helm of important corporate decisions.

Do you think The Rock vs Roman Reigns match should be delayed to 2025? Sound off in the comments!

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