The destination for Monday Night RAW following the USA Network deal ending was answered this week, as WWE’s flagship show will be heading over to the streaming giant Netflix in 2025. With that move comes change and it appears RAW could see more overruns after their Netflix deal.

As reported earlier, WWE and Netflix have officially confirmed groundbreaking deal to move Monday Night RAW to the streaming service beginning January 2025. The reported deal, worth more than $5 billion for duration of ten years, has left many in awe due to its sheer magnitude.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the changes that will likely happen following WWE’s deal with Netflix. Firstly Meltzer noted that he expects there will be commercials between matches instead of during the bouts.

Meltzer also noted that the strict three-hour time limit may be more flexible, adopting an approach similar to AEW’s arrangements with TNT/TBS, allowing for some overrun if needed, akin to a pay-per-view structure.


”Among the things that I do expect that will probably change would be the commercial breaks during matches. Could be wrong, but my gut says there will be commercials between matches and not during matches on RAW.”

”The other one is that if they run long, I don’t think they’re gonna panic, I think it will be the deal AEW has with TNT/TBS now. I think that there won’t be this ‘You’ve got to finish this exactly at 3!’ If you wanna go give minutes over because things are going long, I think it will be like a pay-per-view. You know a pay-per-view has a target time but they go over it constantly. I feel that they will not have that hard out at three hours, so that will change.”

The USA Network will also not be extending its deal with WWE until 2025. WWE President Nick Khan also disclosed plans when it came to shifting RAW from Monday nights. We’ll have to see whether the aforementioned changes will be implemented come 2025.

What’s your view on Monday Night RAW getting more overruns in 2025? Do you think more changes could come from the deal? Let us know in the comments section below!

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