John Cena is one of the most recognizable names in the world of professional wrestling and that is reflected on his social media accounts. This especially includes his infamous Instagram account and now Cena has disclosed the origins of his infamous account.

The Leader of Cenation boasts over 20 million followers on Instagram with 3500 posts. Notably, Cena refrains from adding captions to his content, allowing his followers to interpret the meaning behind his posts and it has gained infamy because of this.

While speaking on IMPAULSIVE podcast, John Cena was asked about his Instagram account. Cena revealed how he reluctantly started his Instagram account, stating that WWE insisted that its stars needed to have an account.

This prompted Cena to approach it in his unique way. His first post featured a close-up of a writer’s mustache with no captions, tags, or text. Cena initially vowed never to post a picture of his face but turned his Instagram into a form of artistic expression.


“The WWE at the time when Instagram launched was like, ‘You have to have an Instagram.’ So if I have to have it, I’ll do it my way. The very first post is a post of a writer who was working with me at the time, Ryan Ward. It’s a close up of his mustache. I didn’t put anything, no tags, no nothing. I said I’d never post a picture of my face, I would never add any text, I would just see if this could work and it has become like art.”

John Cena revealed the ideal spot for his final WWE match. He also has no interest in leadership role in WWE after his retirement. Only time will tell what’s next in store for The Leader of Cenation.

What do you think of what John Cena had to say? Do you also enjoy interpreting his Instagram posts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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