John Cena was the face of WWE for a decade, as he truly carried the company on his back. He was largely infallible and now Cena has admitted that fans were sick of him during the height of his ‘Superman’ era.

CM Punk and Cena engaged in a heated rivalry throughout the summer of 2011. The Best in the World secured victories over his arch-rival at Money in the Bank and SummerSlam. Their feud persisted into the following year, with Punk and Cena facing off again in a battle for the WWE Championship.

Punk did what many didn’t as he defeated Cena on a few occasions when John Cena was basically unbeatable. While speaking on the Impaulsive podcast, John Cena recently delved into the evolution of his character in WWE over the years. He likened himself to Superman, mentioning the moral code and virtue associated with the character.

John Cena acknowledged a shift in fan sentiment, recalling a time in 2012 when fans were eager to see someone like CM Punk dethrone him because they were sick of seeing him win all the time.


“John Cena in the WWE existence is quite easy for me to define: Superman. And I don’t mean like stronger than a train, faster than a bullet, whatever. I mean, Superman acts with a moral virtue. Superman has a moral code.” He continued, “But now, over the years, there’s been a difference in Superman. The Superman of 2012, where, man, did they want CM Punk to win the championship because they were sick of me winning. They were sick of Superman, which is the forever problem with Superman. He’s too good.” 

John Cena also revealed the ideal spot for his final WWE match. Cena hasn’t been seen since WWE Crown Jewel last year, so we will have to wait and see when he will make his triumphant comeback to WWE television.

What’s your view on what John Cena had to say? Did you also hate him during the height of his career? Let us know in the comments section below!

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