The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, may no longer be with WWE, but this doesn’t seem to discourage him from sharing his opinions about his former colleagues. Benjamin, a decorated former U.S. Intercontinental, Tag Team, and 24/7 Champion recently talked about the lackluster debut of his former associate, WWE star Gunther.

Gunther has proven to be a force on WWE’s main roster since his arrival. The WWE veteran boasts longest Intercontinental Championship reign in history at 591 days and still counting, Despite that, WWE veteran Shelton Benjamin recently admitted that he initially failed to recognize the appeal when he first witnessed Gunther’s wrestling, especially during a period when Gunther was heavier in size.

During an appearance on The Kurt Angle Show, Benjamin shared his views on Gunther. He admitted that “I haven’t seen the appeal of a lot of people who turned out to be phenomenal.” He went on to acknowledge that as Gunther finally reached the WWE stage and started trimming down, it became evident that he was leveling up to establish his presence in the company.

Benjamin further commended Gunther’s transformation, describing his look as reminiscent of a comic book character. He also asserted that he fittingly carries the moniker “The General.” Despite Benjamin’s initial apprehensions, Gunther made his mark in the industry and has managed to become fan-favorite.


`But I haven’t seen the appeal of a lot of people who turned out to be phenomenal, But when he finally made it to WWE and he started trimming down you started to realize, woah, he’s leveling up so he can belong here. What they’ve done with him, what he’s managed to do, his look is straight out of a comic book. They call him The General, he looks the part.” GUNTHER was one of the top stars during his run in “WWE NXT UK” as well, and as the leader of Imperium, has become one of the top heels on “WWE Raw.`

Benjamin highlighted Gunther’s success by pointed out that he was a standout star during his stint in “WWE NXT UK” and has continued to make an impact as the leader of Imperium on “WWE Raw.” Gunther has certainly solidified his status as one of the top heels in the promotion. Keep checking on Ringside News for more updates.

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