The global juggernaut of wrestling, WWE is amidst the wave of blockbuster deals, makeshift changes, and headlines. CEO Nick Khan wanted to continue the momentum at the expense of new TKO Board member, The Rock, and former President-Elect of the USA, Donald Trump.

Nick Khan and The Rock have been making media rounds, following a huge $5 Billion deal with Netflix for exclusively streaming WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW. The ten-year deal with the content streaming platform comes into effect in January 2025.

That certainly has attracted a lot of interest from fans of the sport and recently Khan was asked about one of those fans, the Billionaire and WWE Hall of Famer, Donald Trump.

In recent interview with Fox Sports, Nick Khan and The Rock appeared to promote WWE’s monumental deal with Netflix. In the same conversation, Khan commented on Trump’s interest in the product.


“Red states we sell out. Blue states we sell out. It’s not what we’re focused on. What we’re focused on is the in ring product and how it delivers to our fans. If politicians are fans of our product, they are welcome.”

Moreover, when asked about seeing Donald back in a WWE ring, Nick floated the idea of The Rock taking on the former President of their country.

“Listen, Rock against Donald Trump, I don’t know how that will work out for Donald Trump in the ring.”

The People’s champion seemed to be on board with the idea, talking about the pop Trump would get, to which Nick Khan said that it would be big.

“How about that ovation he gets when he comes out?” asked The Rock.

“The WWE CEO replied: “Big ovation, no question.”

Donald Trump was last seen on WWE television programming in the late 2000s, following which he ventured into the world of politics. So it would be interesting to see him return to the company in some capacity, as WWE moves into a completely new direction.

Do you think Donald Trump would return to WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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