Natalya Neidhart has recently posted a picture that hints at her involvement in a project related to the Hart Family. In the photo, she was seen with Rory Culkin at Soho House, and she mentioned that she was working on something dear to her heart. Interestingly, she tagged Yale Productions in the post, a company known for producing various films.

Fightful Select has reported that there have been discussions about creating a film based on the history of the Hart Family, a project that has been under consideration for some time. While specific details about the film are scarce, there have been talks about potential casting ideas.

“Fightful Select has learned that there has been heavy discussion about creating a film based on the history of the Hart Family. Based on what we’ve heard, this has been talked about for quite some time.”

Rory Culkin, who was seen with Natalya, is known to be a longtime wrestling fan, as is his brother Macaulay Culkin, who made a WWE Raw appearance in the past.


Natalya’s involvement in this project suggests a connection to the legendary Hart wrestling family, and her media schedule in Tampa may provide more insights into her role and the development of the potential Hart Family movie.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a film based on the history of the Hart Family, especially with Natalya’s involvement and the connections to wrestling enthusiasts like Rory Culkin? Let us know in the comments.

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