The wrestling world is buzzing with anticipation as the possibility of a showdown between The Rock and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 looms on the horizon.

The Brahma Bull made a dramatic return to WWE on the Day 1 episode of Raw, teasing a challenge to Reigns’ position as the Head of the Table. This dream match has been teased for years and was even once slated for WrestleMania 39.

During an appearance on Hot Take, The Rock, who recently joined TKO’s Board of Directors, was asked about the prospect of headlining WWE’s grandest stage against the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. The Rock, known for his long-term planning, expressed the potential magnitude of such a matchup.

“I’m a long-gamer and I like to build. Something like this, what this is potentially huge. If myself and Roman Reigns were to main event WrestleMania, and I mean this very respectfully of all the WrestleManias prior, because I grew up in this business and I love it, we could possibly put on, with us as the main event and this incredible group of men and women who are these incredible performers, we could possibly put on the greatest and the biggest WrestleMania of all time.”


When pressed by a host to confirm if he was implying there was a chance he would step back into the ring, The Rock didn’t dismiss the notion.

“There’s a chance… I love this business, I love pro wrestling, I love WWE. But I also have this deep passion to grow it and to build it. And if we’re going to do something like this, I want the world to watch.”

While The Rock sets his sights on Roman Reigns, the current Head of the Table doesn’t appear to be too concerned about the challenge from his cousin. This potential matchup has the wrestling world eagerly awaiting further developments as WrestleMania 40 draws nearer.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of The Rock facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, potentially creating the greatest WrestleMania of all time? We’d love to hear your opinions and predictions in the comments below!

Steve Carrier

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