The free agency market in the wrestling industry has been hotter than ever, with global giants like WWE and AEW aiming to close every major signing to their respective companies. One of their radars has been the Japanese sensation, Kazuchia Okada who has earlier rumored to be WWE-bound.

Kazuchika Okada’s current contract with NJPW will reach its conclusion at the end of January 2024. According to a recent report, Okada was most likely headed to WWE to become huge fixture in their developmental territory, NXT.

However, a new report by Fightful behind its paywall has stated that the rumors are not true. It mentioned that Okada’s potential signing seemed a very early conversation as of now, with NXT personnel having heard no such news regarding the popular Japanese star.

“Rumors are flying about Kazuchika Okada, and they’re very premature. Early Tuesday, rumors emerged that Okada would be headed to WWE, and possibly appearing on the NXT brand first, citing sources from NJPW.


However, Fightful sources close to NJPW said that is not the situation as they know it — at least as of right now. It was reiterated that Okada seems early in his process One WWE higher up said “that would be news to us at this point,” and multiple sources on the NXT staff said they’ve heard nothing of the sort at this point.

The report further stated that AEW is very much in the running to sign The Rainmaker, but it was an early timeline to comment on the situation.

In addition, numerous people that Fightful has talked to within AEW believed they’re very much in the running to land Kazuchika Okada. To reiterate, anything could happen between now and the time Okada makes his decision, but we were told by sources connected to Okada, AEW, and WWE that this appears premature.”

With no clear picture regarding Kazuchika Okada as of this writing, we will have to wait and see which promotion will grab one of the hottest free agents in professional wrestling right now.

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