Kevin Patrick, formerly a member of the WWE SmackDown commentary team alongside Corey Graves, has been relieved of his commentary duties. The change is set to take effect starting this week.

While this adjustment is not expected to be a permanent replacement, fans can anticipate Michael Cole stepping in alongside Corey Graves for this week’s WWE SmackDown, which serves as the Royal Rumble “go-home” show. This change signifies a temporary shift in the commentary lineup.

According to PWInsider, the future of this alteration remains uncertain, leaving us to wonder if it will be a long-term or short-term adjustment and if Kevin Patrick will assume a different role within WWE.

As previously mentioned, WWE executives made a surprising decision to remove Kevin Patrick from the SmackDown commentary team, a move seemingly made on short notice, considering Patrick’s initial plans to join SmackDown that Friday.


Despite Kevin Patrick’s personal popularity within WWE, there appears to be a growing consensus among executives that he might not have been the ideal fit for the role.

Wrestling fans can stay tuned to Ringside News for further updates regarding the WWE SmackDown commentary team and any potential developments in the coming weeks.

We invite you to share your thoughts on who you’d like to see permanently replace Kevin Patrick on Friday’s WWE SmackDown and provide reasons in the comments below.

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