The January 22 episode of WWE Raw witnessed heated exchange of words on the microphone between CM Punk and Cody Rhodes in what marked their first face-to-face confrontation.

Punk initiated the promo by reminiscing about Dusty Rhodes and the time when Dusty had called him to inform him about Cody’s arrival at Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2007. Dusty had asked Punk to take care of Cody, and Punk expressed his pride in Cody’s journey to becoming a major superstar in recent years.

However, Punk shifted the tone by addressing the upcoming Royal Rumble match. He stated his intention to break the promise he made to Dusty during the match, indicating that he would specifically target Cody.

CM Punk then questioned Cody’s ability to separate business issues from personal ones. He also made a personal connection by mentioning that his own father was an electrician, implying that he embodies more of the American Dream than Cody does.


Cody Rhodes fired back at Punk, referencing Punk’s historic pipebomb promo from 2011. He accused Punk of not following through on the things he said in that promo and asserted that he had actually accomplished those feats, making him more of a CM Punk than Punk himself.

The exchange culminated with Punk teasing Cody about facing the moment when a bigger star arrives and takes his place, with Punk implying that he was referring to himself in that scenario.

This heated promo segment added intensity to their rivalry, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing showdown in the future.

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