Dolph Ziggler was released from WWE back in September and he waited until 2024 to make his move. He made headlines after making his TNA debut at Hard to Kill and Ziggler followed it up with an appearance at TNA Snake Eyes, where he promised to become the World Champion.

Following Moose’s TNA World Title win at TNA Hard to Kill, Dolph Ziggler made surprise appearance, attacking Moose from behind. It was made perfectly clear that the Showoff was eyeing gold.

During the TNA Snake Eyes taping, the former WWE Superstar made his way to the ring and cut a heartfelt promo to the audience. With 19 years of experience, he asserted his readiness for a new challenge, aiming to become the TNA World Champion.

Dolph Ziggler Ziggler acknowledged his respect for the locker room and emphasized that he would earn his way to the top, promising a fresh start as Nic Nemeth.


“Hard to Kill was one hell of a moment, wasn’t it? TNA is back baby. From the opening match to that main event, there was something in the air and damn it, I loved every second.”

“I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve done 19 years, and a hell of a lot of events. I was very fortunate to rack up a lot of accomplishments in 19 years but I did it all in one world. I got some emotions running through. You said I still got it, I never lost it!”

“I’m intimidated. I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m excited. And make no mistake about it, I picked my time and place. I showed up in this ring and I lined up face to face with the TNA world champion. I am going to become TNA world champion. I am going to celebrate with each and every one of you!”

“I respect the men and the women of this locker room way too much to stroll in here and demand a world title match and get it. This is my day one. This is my first day right here, right now, doing it all over again. It starts here, right now. This time, I earn it all the way to the top. I promise I will do it again. I’ve done it in the past and I will never stop. It’s the first time in my life that I do it as Nic Nemeth!””

Nic Nemeth would also make his in-ring debut against Zachary Wentz during the TNA Snake eyes taping. Fans couldn’t be more excited to see Nemeth in TNA so we’ll have to see if he will become a World Champion again.

What’s your view on what Dolph Ziggler had to say? Do you feel he will become the TNA World Champion soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

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