Grayson Waller really stepped up to protect the pro wrestling business today, and many fans made memes and had a good time. Now, he is chiming in to react to this footage.

While appearing on the Sunrise morning talk show in Australia, Grayson Waller and LA Knight encountered a strange request for the host. Knight was asked if he could do one of his signature moves to someone in the studio. He declined, and then let Grayson Waller handle things.

The hosts then suggested that they do a WWE move to their floor manager, who then proceeded to come on the set and put up his dukes to Grayson Waller. That is when Waller got pretty irritated, and he protected the business. He threatened to legit punch that guy in the face, and then he chastised them for disrespecting the pro wrestling business.

Grayson Waller obviously knew that he went viral with this incident. He did not say anything, but he tweeted out a photo of former WWE Superstar David Schultz, who has a rich history of taking out the press.


In the late 1980s, journalist John Stossel conducted an investigative report on professional wrestling, including WWE, where he alleged that wrestling was fake and that performers were not actually injured during matches. This led to a confrontation between Stossel and wrestler David Schultz, who slapped Stossel in response to the insinuation. Subsequently, Stossel filed a lawsuit against WWE and Schultz, as he claimed assault, and it was settled to the tune of over $400k.

Grayson Waller didn’t get physical with that incident, but he certainly did his thing. We can only imagine that Triple H was very proud of the way he handled things.

What’s your take on Grayson Waller’s incident in Australia? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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